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by Bryden Fogelman

What I've done wrong...

So I took a short cut when creating the model for this blog. I didn't. After reading up on MVC I realized the way that I was creating blog posts was the very simple and not very correct way. The whole point of an MVC is too separate different aspects of the web app and I've lumped them together. Next I will revamp the blog and actually create a model, this will also help prevent my "controller" from getting out of control. Will update with a more technical response over the weekend!

Git is a #basedgod

by Bryden Fogelman

So I just had a weird build issue with my Heroku app ...

I messed up my package.son along the way and couldn't find the bug. Struggled for A LONG TIME. Extra stressed because employers could be looking at my website in the next few weeks and I have a lot more content to add. Figured I should just go back to previous commits and copy the package.json. It worked. My computer would be through the wall if it wasn't for git.

Co-op Jobs

by Bryden Fogelman


in the meantime you can check out my robot I made in the summer (add the corresponding website):

The Future

by Bryden Fogelman

Add more features to the blog, play around with React or Angular, and more ...

Well there we go! I finally have a website with a style that I can get used too. What's next? For the blog: - edit feature for blog posts - comment/like - login - at a certain character limit display a read more - also users to make their own temporary posts - formatting controls Most of these I can implement fairly quickly (especially the first four points). The one that might stump me for a bit will be allowing users to format their blog posts (underline, add images, bold, etc...). I feel like there is something out there that will make this really but I will just have to look. Adding some verification on the front end would also add some nice QoL changes (animations would be cool too). Talking to a friend today and he suggested I should try out React. I've given Angular a go but feel like I should work a bit more on my javascript skillz before I jump into that monster. For the purpose of this web app I think it would be fairly straight forward. We'll just have to wait and see!


by Bryden Fogelman

When you buy too much beer and have to throw a spontaneous 'kegger' get to rid of it all. Just your average day sheningans.

A little bit about myself. My name is Bryden.

I am an engineering physics student from the university of British Columbia and I live off of coffee. Engineering Physics is the "jack of all trades" engineering; its a solid mix of electrical and mechanical engineering as well as honours physics and almost a minor in math. What can you say, we Fizzers love to toture ourselves.

The reason I choose enegineering physics was because I really wanted to make an impact in the world around me. With my vast background, I plan to use my skills to develop the technologies of the future.

In my spare time I've taught myself web development as I really want to make a scene in the start-up world. In my struggle to deal with javascript, html and css, I built this website from scratch (well, I cheated and used bootstrap). To make things more interesting, I decided to create my own backend and a microblog.